Painted Tabletop

Are you looking for a truly unique piece of art or furniture for your home? Consider a custom tabletop painted by artist Marilyn Biles. This 20-inch round tabletop can be placed atop any table base for a beautiful art expression. “Color All Around” is an oil artwork on wood. Alternatively, use this as a wall hanging that brings cheerful colors to any space.

custom painted tabletop

“Color All Around”
Price: $500
Description: 20″ round tabletop or wall hanging; oil on wood
Painted, custom tabletop sure to brighten any room.

Interested in seeing this piece in person? Contact us to schedule an appointment to visit our studio to see and feel this custom tabletop. Whether you’re considering it for a true tabletop or a wall hanging, this beauty is certain to be a conversation starter.  Ask Marilyn for more insight on the “Color All Around” custom tabletop. The artist’s motivations and insights can even spark new ideas on how and where to display this piece in your home or office.